2018 Applications for 8 new start ups sought.

With help and sponsor ship from STEAM PAC 101 incubator will be looking for 8 new Start ups in 2018 if your interested in Joining a Start up team  sign up for a team building meet up.




5 New Startup teams introduced

March 10th  Coffee meeting, we introduced 5 new start up teams via the 101 Incubator, Because of the current US travel ban Teams may now be virtual. The following Startup Teams have been signed with our 101 incubator seed agreement for 5% equity and may now move into our Crowd Grant program. Please follow to be alerted of Crowd Grant activity.

1. BoXX Health @BoxxHealth former VOXearch team w/ Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize will now commercialize several elements now possible in Digital Health

2. CrowdGrants.us You can create a Crowd Grant for yourself or others to Start up any Stem related idea project or company. The Catch is you will need to obtain 10% of Monies from your own Social media network Friends and family before we publish your Crowd Grant to the Public. You may elect to keep your project Private as well.

3. Solar Gifts @SolarGiftCard allow individuals to buy small pieces and lend to solar projects via MIFOS Microfinance type system software used by Grameen Bank.

4. Smart AG allows Small Family Farms to compete with the biggest using Smart sensors and informatics. Aerial Drones and the latest in Ag Robotics.

5. Robotic Investment Trust, will create a unique platform for Employers wishing to automate with Robotics to meet City State and Federal requirements of Employee retraining.


July updates

101 Incubator has become a

. (Digital Automymous Organization) Four times a year our Mentors and STEM Technical advisors will select multiple projects to mentor. While some projects have a finite goals  many others can pivot into Digital Autonomous Organizations or B corporations. Some will develop into Non Profits or NGOs. If you’d like to join a Project or help create companies all that are Sustainable please suggest a project to us or join an existing project. If you have experience and wish to mentor others come to one of our Coffee’s or join online.


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